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Looking for information on Retail 101 Sales CT and You probably won’t have any luck finding many details on the website and the management company’s website, is pretty elusive with details. However, if you’ve heard about Retail 101 sales and are interested in finding out about these traveling outlet store dates, times, locations and designerretail101 sales discounts read on!

Where to Find Retail 101 CT Locations and Datesretail 101 connecticut

Retail 101 has headquarters in Beacon Falls Connecticut. Retail 101 is located in the NEJ Building (rear entrance) in the warehouse at 170 Pinesbridge Road in Beacon Falls. In order to find out about the hours they’re open or where they’ll be setting up a Retail 101 sales event you need to register for their e-newsletter alerts. (

Another way to find out about the latest Retail 101 sales CT is to “like” their official page on Facebook.

The hours and days for these Retail Sales events vary greatly, sometimes they are held every 3rd Saturday of the month (depending on location) for a limited time. Retail 101 Sales in Connecticut accept, credit or debit cards. Retail 101 CT also travels and has sales at set up at local CT high schools.

How Retail 101 Sales CT Work

NEJ buys excess famous brands overstock and sells them at a fraction of a cost. At a Retail 101 Sale, usually held at high schools on certain days of the month Retail 101 comes with truckload of designer clothes, shoes, coats and accessories. The organizers (and some volunteers) set up a huge outlet shop on tables and clothing racks. They even have a dressing room where customers can try on jeans, dresses and other clothes before making a purchase. They set up tables with big boxes sorted by designer, style and size. At a Retail 101 Sale in CT you’ll find all kinds of brand names including American Eagle, Juicy Couture and Ann Taylor. They have items for women, men and children.

Brands at Retail 101

  • American Eagle
  • Dahlia’s
  • Juicy Couture
  • much more!

Retail 101 Sales CT Video

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