Adventureland RI Coupons

Wondering how to find Adventureland RI coupons? Adventureland in Narragansett, Rhode Adventureland RI couponsIsland is an amusement park and a summer outdoor activity center. The park has mini golf, bumper cars, go karts, bankshot basketball, a carousel, batting cages, delicious ice cream and a pavilion. The park is open on the weekends in the spring, from 10am to 10pm in the summer and weekends in the fall, until mid-October. Prices for activities vary and there are Adventureland RI discount packages when you purchase tickets for different attractions.

Adventureland RI Tickets

When you visit Adventureland Narragansett, you can purchase tickets for activities separately or in a package. The package deals are a great way to get a discount. Regular pricing is as follows:

Go Karts: 1 ride $7.50, 6 rides, $35.00

Bankshot: $5.00 (kids under 5 years old get a 1/2 price discount

Mini Golf: $7.00 a game or $5.00 for kids under 5

Bumper Boats: $5.50

Batting Cages: $2.00 for 15 pitches or $5.00 for 60 pitches

Adventureland RI Coupon: Combo Package Deals

Adventureland RI coupons are hard to come by but you can save money when you buy a combination package. The basic package is $19.50 ¬†($2.00 savings). You’ll get a go at the Batting Cage, Mini Golf, a ride on a Go Kart and a Bumper Boat ride.

The “Grand Prix” package is another $2.00 savings. You’ll get the following: Go Kart, Bumper Boat, Bankshot, Batting Cage and Mini Golf.

The Ricky Pick Package includes Go Kart, Bumper Boat, Mini Golf and Bankshot for $23.00.

Where can I find an Adventureland RI coupon?

Check the official Facebook page for Adventureland Narragannsett, RI. The fb page is updated frequently with news, special events and if discounts or new coupons are offered they would be announced here. Visit: Adventureland Family Fun Park.
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